Ben Stokes To Wear Free Glasses in Whole Life

Sunday 25 August was a very special day in this battle of over 140 years of Ashes series between England and Australia. England won a historic victory in the third match of Ashes 2019 between hosts England and Australia. In this match played at Leeds Headingley, Ben Stokes single-handedly won England by one wicket.

The last hope for the England team was Ben Stokes and bowler Jack Leach who came to bat. Ben Stokes played most of the balls, but the last when the team needed a run to equalize the match was made by Jack Leach. After this, Ben Stokes won the team by putting a winning shot and then the celebration of Ben Stokes and Jack Leach started in the ground.

Jack Leach scored just one run in 17 balls. Despite this, this bold innings of Jack Leach has been praised by many former cricketers, but the work that batsman Ben Stokes has done with him for Jack Leach is different from everyone.

Actually, Ben Stokes has made a deal with a reputed eyeglass-making company in England to get Jack Leach glasses for a lifetime free.

Ben Stokes wrote in his tweet, “Spacersaver, will you do me one thing, you make Jack Leach a lifetime of free glasses.” After this, the glasses maker also accepted this application of Ben Stokes, writing, “We can confirm that we will give Jack Leach glasses for a lifetime for free”.

Ben Stokes has done this because Jack Leach puts on glasses. He was wearing glasses even during batting and when he survived a run out and then the team won, he cleaned his glasses on the field which did not suit Ben Stokes. For this reason, Ben Stokes sent a tweet to the title sponsor of the Ashes series.

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