Capital Shines In showcase Of Copa Libertadores

That the final of the Copa Libertadores was a world showcase for Madrid nobody doubted. Another thing was that, if security were not imposed, the image of the city would suffer, revealing the lack of foresight to host such delicate events. It has not been like that. Security has been imposed and economic sectors have provided the injection of money and credibility that the event has meant. Reflection, this time, of good collaboration between institutions.

It is still early to know in detail the figures of the economic return of last Sunday’s match between Boca Juniors and River Plate , which lifted its fourth Libertadores Cup. The businessmen estimated on the eve of the match the direct impact of 42 million euros, and another 60 million in advertising generated abroad. The somewhat more generous municipal estimates speak of at least 55 million direct revenues. This Monday, the Councilor for Economy spoke of “a very positive day” and a “constructive” attitude on the part of the citizens of Madrid.

With 4,000 agents deployed (half of the National Police) in several checkpoints, and an expense that could reach one million euros, Madrid knew how to guarantee security. The device was a success. The collaboration between institutions (State, Community, City Council) was enriched by the help of the Argentine police, and the coordination between Metro, Renfe and the EMT prevented mobility problems from being generated. Another point in favor of the capital of Spain.

The flow of fans and tourists who came to Madrid by the bridge of the Constitution crossed without notable problems. Even the celebrations at dawn on Sunday passed peacefully . A situation not discounted, since the average cost of a fan who crossed the Atlantic to support his team was around 2,500 euros, with the frustration that could generate in case of defeat.

The hoteliers enjoyed a Sunday with occupancy levels above the average of other bridges. In total, according to last-minute estimates, eight out of ten rooms in the capital were contracted. All without mentioning the hospitality, another benefited by the massive arrival of more than 60,000 lovers of Argentine football. In the guild are already preparing for another great day of football: the next final of the Champions League on June 1, to be held in the Wanda, and so that thousands of fans are expected.

Also Real Madrid, host of the event, was the winner of his bet. The Santiago Bernabéu stadium became a world soccer mecca, with some 200 million viewers connected to the final through its televisions. And he took the opportunity to launch his brand in the increasingly important world of merchandising.

And, in the background, the opportunity that Madrid gave Spain to confirm its strength before its candidacy for the World Cup of 2030. A contest for which, curiously, Argentina will also fight, from the hand of Paraguay and Uruguay, which It offers as an organizing country. But that FIFA will inevitably analyze in light of last Sunday, December 9: a success for Madrid, much less for Buenos Aires.

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