La Lechuza Oldest Rally in Colombia

More than 70 vehicles will travel 700 km between Boyacá and Casanare, in a new edition of this competition that will be in the first days of November.

The Los Tortugas Motoring Club will celebrate the 44th edition of the ‘La Lechuza’ rally from November 1 to 4, which will cover 711 kilometers between the departments of Boyacá and Casanare.

A great variety of vehicles between vintage and sport will dispute the rally in the ‘real time’ mode in one of the eight categories (AH). All participants must meet an ideal time range and the big winner will be the one who achieves the Grand Lechuza Rally Champion Cup 2019.

The rally will start at Fontanar Shopping Center (via Cajicá, Cundinamarca), making a liberating route through the Boyacá Bridge, the Vargas Swamp, Aquitaine and Pajarito. There the race will have a great reception by the municipal mayors.

Then, it will roll to Aguazul (Casanare), Yopaloza, Apore and will have a stop before reaching Yopal in the intermediations of San Luis de Palenque in the Hato El Boral Reserve: an encounter with nature in view of one of the nature reserves of the eastern plains. ‘La Lechuza’ will continue with the social work and this year it will deliver more than 60 bicycles of its social program ‘Green Bicycles’ to vulnerable population along its route.

Since 1971, Los Tortugas Club has carried out this traditional rally whose objective is to build a country through the liberating route and highlight an active, hardworking Colombia that can be traveled peacefully along its roads.

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