Best App To Follow Your Fantasy Teams

If you love playing fantasy sports, then you know how much work is involved in tracking your players and comparing stats across a variety of teams. Usually, to do this correctly, you have to spend a lot of time online searching for this information, including any news such as injuries or trades. Fortunately, with the CBS Sports app, you no longer have to go out to find this data; now it will all come to your phone.

The Ultimate Fantasy Sports App

So why is this software so perfect for fantasy leagues? Well, first of all, it’s free to download and install so that you can get started in minutes without any kind of investment. Secondly, you can track any number of teams from all different sports, including some that are international.

What’s great about this app is that it consolidates all of the information regarding your teams into one place. You will get notified whenever there is news regarding any of them, and you will also be able to check in whenever there is a game.

Livescore App

Although playing fantasy sports is fun, you still want to watch them play from time to time. With CBS Sports, you will automatically see the scores as they update live, and you can even stream the match from your phone. We highly recommend connecting to wifi first, however, so that you don’t eat up all of your data.

How to Get Started

It’s super easy to sign up with the CBS Sports app. Once you’ve downloaded and installed it (Android or iPhone), it will ask for your current location. Then, it will scan for all local professional sports teams, including college basketball and football. You can pick the ones that you want to follow, and add more across any other sports you are interested in.

Best of all, you can update your list at any time to add or remove teams as you see fit.

Overall, when it comes to following sports, whether it’s for fantasy leagues or your own enjoyment, nothing compares to the CBS Sports app.