Peru Football Chief is Sentenced to 18 Months in Detention

A judge in the northern city of Chiclayo on Friday sentenced to 18 months in pre-trial detention the president of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), Edwin Oviedo, who is investigated for the murders of two trade unionists.

The Public Ministry reported, in its official Twitter account, that the decision was made by the judge of the Eighth Preparatory Investigation Court of Chiclayo, Carlos Chanamé.

The preventive detention was requested by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime in the Lambayeque region, which investigates Oviedo for the alleged commission of the crimes of illicit association against the State and qualified homicide of union leaders Manuel Rimarachín and Percy Farro.

The president of the FPF is accused of being the leader of a criminal organization known as ‘Los wachiturros de Tumán’ and of being a mediate author (with knowledge of the fact) of the murders of Rimarachín and Farro.

The decision was announced a week after the court heard the arguments of the prosecutor’s order and the defense of Oviedo and after today they were presented in the city of Chiclayo protests by workers of the sugar mill Tumán, who demanded the prisoner of the leader, who owns that company.

Oviedo was already detained on Thursday in a precautionary manner, for 15 days, while being investigated for his alleged links with a criminal organization in the Judicature, known as “Los colllos blancos del puerto”.

The coordinator of the prosecutors against organized crime, Jorge Chávez Cotrina, explained that, once completed the 15 days of preliminary detention for this case, the prosecution must request a preventive detention order for 36 months against Oviedo.

In addition, jurists added today that as soon as the term of preliminary detention is fulfilled, Oviedo must comply with the order of preventive detention for 18 months in Chiclayo.

Prosecutor Chavez said that although the leader faces “two different cases, with two requests for preventive detention, in Chiclayo and Lima, it is true that there is a link” between the two.

Oviedo has denied on numerous occasions his links with “Los collos blancos del Puerto”, which allegedly offered him judicial favors in the investigations that followed him in the case of ‘Los wachiturros de Tumán’, with which he also denies having been related.

During the management of Oviedo at the helm of the FPF, which began in 2015, Peru qualified for a FIFA World Cup after 36 years, in Russia 2018, and has now been replaced interim by its vice president, Agustín Lozano.

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