Radiographing the paths of the Yamaha Petronas

Rainey has sometimes stated that he always considered Misano an “ideal” track to ride a racing motorcycle, but that fatality sometimes happens. “All pilots are afraid of falling, although it seems that we are a little crazy, we are aware of what we play,” said Lorenzo in Misano when asked about whether he drives with fear from the injury he suffered in the vertebrae when he fell in Assen . The Balearic finished in Italy in the fourteenth position, 47 seconds behind his teammate.

Before the race, Márquez pointed out that “I’m not the Marc of 2015, I’m more mature and I know what my battle is and my goals,” he said, referring to his willingness to minimize risks. With the footwear helmet, the perspective is different and Márquez does not take long to show anxiety when he does not take the free track.

After radiographing the paths of the Yamaha Petronas for a few laps, he activated the radar to detect if Quartararo left any gap. Throw and strategy. “Perhaps the best driver on the track was Fabio, he has the maturity, character and talent. He is prepared to win races,” said Márquez after overtaking the Frenchman in the last lap. the rookieHe entered the goal crying, but then he said it was more emotion than sorrow. “It was a pleasure fighting me with him,” he said. War with Márquez, with the pilot who caresses the sixth MotoGP crown.

In a circuit of hostile environment for him and where Yamaha had flown during training, Marquez raised the Honda to the top of the podium. An incontestable victory and a deep lunge for a world cup that already appears in his pocket. Márquez sports the number 93 on the front of his motorcycle, referring to the year he was born. He tells that the figure brings him luck. There are precisely 93 points that Andrea Dovizioso accumulates of advantage and, without a break in the middle, next week he runs at the Motorland of Aragon, a circuit that goes like a ring to his finger.

In Alcañiz, Márquez only needs to score seven points more than Ducati’s to fly to the Asian tour with the first match ball to sign up for the title. The Cervera could certify his sixth MotoGP crown in Thailand, sooner than ever and with four races ahead yet to finish the World Cup. The leader confessed that at the beginning of the year he could not have imagined reaching these championship heights with such a mattress of advantage: “The World Cup can only be lost by me,” admits the HRC pilot, who does not shore caution because he remembers the two consecutive skids that he chained in 2014, and that delayed the celebration of the title.

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