Representative Clubs of River Plate and Boca Juniors in Madrid

It is difficult, surely impossible, to find a group of friends in Argentina who are not dependent on the loaded one (mockery). As an implicit section in the DNI, each person has his Skinny, Narigon, Rabbit, Monkey or Flea. And from the fraternal joke to the joke between strangers, to end up annoying the rivals.

Without bad intention, even when the stage is the Santiago Bernabéuand the protagonists are two of the maximum representatives of the clubs of River Plate and Boca Juniors in Madrid. “I have Ponzio’s shirt, the one that always comes back”, rivals Fabio Videos, spokesman for the subsidiary of River in Madrid of 150 members in reference to the captain of the band’s club, which benefited from the delay of the return duel and he was able to overcome a muscular injury.

“And I of Tévez, do you remember the chicken dance?” Replies Leonardo Polzello, from Peña Boca Juniors Madrid (100 people). An acid memory for River’s fans in the superclásico in the 2004 Copa Libertadores semifinals, Tévez celebrated his goal by waving his arms to the body in the Monumental.

The missiles, in a mocking way, make the conversation funny. Vides and Polzello know each other, they respect each other, above all they crave a superclásico in tranquility. “The only thing we ask for is a peaceful party, that people who come from outside have to know that Madrid is our city and that we have to take care of it,” says River spokesman. “This is a dream I do not want to wake up from, but the final has to be a football party. A party for all, “adds the Boca player.

The frustrated finale at the Monumental has left a dent in the likes of River and Boca in Madrid. “The decoration here is very nice, the Santiago Bernabéu is spectacular, but we would have liked to play this game in our house in the Monumental”, says Vides. And the Boca fans, in principle, benefited by playing away from the stadium of their eternal rival and with the presence of both hobbies, are not deluded by the super classic in Chamartin. “Barcelona would like to win a final at Madrid at the Bernabéu, no?”, The mouthpiece of Boca questioned; “Well, the same thing happens to us. We wanted to win on their court. ”

We want to reserve Columbus or Cibeles, “says the peña player from Boca. A sad afternoon from Buenos Aires to Madrid. “We had reserved a place for 400 people near the Bernabéu. We had everything organized with the screens and the cotillion. I was at the door controlling the entrance of the people.

We did not understand anything of what was happening in the Monumental, we could not believe that it was not played, “says Vides. “We were 600, the disappointment of the people was incredible, they did not want to leave the place we had reserved. Some misfits who stole the final “intervenes Polzello. “If true. Some misfits in the street and some inept in control. It can not be that that zone was liberated, it seems that they wanted to have the game suspended, “Vides concludes.

The Bernabéu is nice, but our house was better “, affirms the representative of the branch of River In Madrid, they do not want problems. Today the representatives of the Peñas de River and Boca will meet with the security organization. “They want to know how we are going to move, what we have planned for the previous days and for the game.

For now, the only thing we know is that we have the northern zone of the stadium and the city and the southern zone, “explains the representative of the River subsidiary. “There is also talk of a Fan Zone, but they have not confirmed anything yet,” Tercia Polzello; “I suppose they will tell us everything today, in the same way as the place to celebrate. We ask that you can book the Plaza Colón or Cibeles, but I do not know what the people of River want. Maybe they will do it in Neptune. ”

New city, new problem. In Buenos Aires there is no doubt, the winner celebrates in the Obelisk. But, at least for a day, the nights were over celebrating the triumphs of their teams. “I moved to Spain in 2004. At the beginning, many times I had no way of seeing the games. I called my mom to tell me what was happening. It was very difficult for me to live without River. Then, through online groups, I started to connect with people and set up the subsidiary.

Today we are the most important, we have a lot of relationship with the club, but not with the Barras. We are people who give everything to the club without asking for anything in return, “says Vides. Something similar happens to the peña de Boca in Madrid. “Sometimes with the Bars you have to relate, but we are a group of friends, a family. We do not profit with anything. Everything is for love,

Today, they went from the amateur organization to professionalization. “It does not stop us from ringing the phone. Among the heads of the subsidiary, we divided the tasks. One is in charge of the managers, another of the merchandising, I of the press. And that’s how we are “, emphasizes the fan of the band’s club. “People are very nervous, they call us all the time, they want to know how to get their tickets. We are not sleeping, but it will be worth it. We have an end here. You have to celebrate, “says Polzello.

“Since I moved to Madrid, I’ve celebrated many titles”, celebrates Vides. “And also a descent”, closes, with Polzello. I could not miss the mockery, the one charged for the Argentines

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