Tottenham Fan Throws Banana Skin at Arsenal Striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at London Derby

A fan of the Tottenham Hotspurs was arrested on Sunday after being identified by the security cameras of Emirates Stadium as being responsible for having thrown a banana skin to Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a native of Gabon (Central Africa).

The player came to celebrate his second goal, the result of a controversial penalty, with Arsenal fans when the fans of the rival team began to throw objects. The Metropolitan Police of London arrested at least seven people, mostly for public disorder. Two of them were fans of the Arsenal that set off smoke bombs.

“Behaviors like this are completely unacceptable and the club will prohibit the fans in question from entering the field,” said a Tottenham spokesman after condemning the fan who threw the banana skin.

It was a high tension match, which also recorded clashes between the players of both teams in which the substitutes were also involved. The most violent came after Eric Dier, of Tottenham, equaled 1-1 the score. The Arsenal players who were heating up in the band did not quite fit the way Dier celebrated his goal, and the cameras show how the Swiss Lichtsteiner came over to touch him. Soon gathered players from all over the field and could see how the followers of Arsenal began to throw objects.

“He was on his back, so I’m not really sure what happened, but this is football,” Dier explained at the end of the match. “It’s a derby, football revolves around emotion and I do not understand how they got a yellow card in a situation like that, it confuses me a lot, because if you take football away from emotion, you destroy this sport for everyone,” he said.

The aggressiveness displayed in the field clouded a day of celebration for Unai Emery’s new Arsenal. Despite their previous 18 meetings without conceding a defeat, the team had shown little more than due diligence against a series of minor rivals, without facing heavyweight teams. Sunday’s was a victory of another level.

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