Tour France says New Bicycles are the Secrets of the Sport the Win

Tour France said is not only the biggest cycling race of the year, but it is also the main stage where sponsors and manufacturers officially present their latest dreamed carbon fiber machines.

These new bicycles are the best-kept secrets of the sport, as manufacturers have made their main cyclists try the pictures (and pose for “spy photos”) for months.

This year, the trend is clear manufacturers will seat their most outstanding cyclists in aerodynamic bicycles equipped with fully integrated disc brakes and cockpits. Previously, these machines had a reputation for being heavier, harder to drive and harder to work with than traditional bicycles with round spouts. This new generation of machines was designed to address these concerns.

Specialized will put stars such as Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) world champion Peter Sagan to ride the new S-Works Venge. New Bicycles are the Secrets of Sport to Win says Tour France today.

To manufacture this new bicycle, the company developed its own customized software that uses fluid computational dynamics and finite element analysis to optimize the shape of the pipes. Sound confusing? Instead of making dozens of prototypes of a bicycle and testing them to find the best combination of aerodynamics, weight and rigidity, Specialized allowed a computer to do most of the work digitally before moving on to physical prototypes.

The result, according to Specialized, is a lighter, stiffer, aerodynamic and pleasant bike than its predecessor. Cannondale, based in Connecticut, made its long-awaited entry to the aerodynamic bicycle market with the SystemSix. Like other manufacturers, Cannondale designed this bicycle as a fully integrated system instead of a frame and a fork.

The Knøt system (yes, it is a reference in English to the nautical knots) is composed of a seat support, a handlebar, a power and wheels of their own that work together to constitute what the company says is “the race bike that respects the UCI standards faster and more efficiently in the current market “.

Cyclists using will be upgraded to a new version with discs from the Madone aerodynamic bike, the SLR. Its most distinctive feature is the inclusion of Trek’s IsoSpeed ​​technology, which uncouples the spout for the upper spout seat to allow the frame to flex and absorb the vibrations of the road in order to provide a little more comfort.

On Wednesday, the Swiss manufacturer BMC launched the new Time machine Road. Like the other bicycles mentioned here, the Timemachine comes with an integrated cockpit and aerodynamic pipes. It is distinguished by some decisions regarding design.

BMC has teamed up with the accessory manufacturer Elite to create the Aero Module, which fuses compartments for bottles and food storage units or tools into a single streamlined unit. The company claims that classic bottle compartments were the main obstacle to designing an efficient aerodynamic bicycle, so it started from scratch and built its own solution. BMC is not the first to offer an aerodynamic storage unit on one of its bicycles – it’s quite common on triathlon machines – but it’s a nice touch

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