Virat Kohli Interview on South Africa Match June 5th

Indian team is starting to start its World Cup campaign against South Africa on Wednesday. In the press conference on the eve of this match, Kohli said that we had done well in the 2019 Champions Trophy. In the final, we had defeated the better playing team against South Africa and match is going to held on 5th June.

“South Africa’s team is very dangerous on our day and after some rehabilitation, it will be a very strong team, we do not take anyone lightly, we need to focus on our strengths in the game.” -Virat Kohli, Captain, Team India

Kohli said that after that we made important changes to the team. He said that the wrist spinners (Yuswendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav) were included in the team to take wickets in the middle overs. Apart from this, the team also tried to make the team more balanced.

Virat Kohli Interview on South Africa Match

Kohli said about Kedar Jadhav’s fitness that he is now batting in the nets and has almost become fit. The Indian captain said that Jadhav is a useful player and his balance in the team comes in balance.

On the combination of the Indian team, Kohli said that the team has a wrist spinner and also a finger. He will select the team after watching the pitch, the situation and the opposition team. The Indian captain said that for this reason the best available team for the World Cup has been selected.

“The one who has learned from the Champions Trophy is that we play those cricket which we know, the better team won the final, we have reduced the gap, we have come with a wrist spinner who takes wickets in the middle overs Champions Trophy (2017), we have become a better team. ” -Virat Kohli, Captain, Team India

As captain, Kohli, on his first World Cup match, said that it is a matter of pride. Kohli was also part of the team in the 2011 and 2015 World Cup, and in both of these, he scored a century in his first match. When asked about Kohli being asked about this century in the match also, he said that when you play well, people expect you to do that. It is a part of your game.

Kohli said that this World Cup is like any test for any captain. He said that here you have to play nine matches. Each team will have to make a different strategy and get off. Each time in this long tournament you will have a different team and you will have to give your best performance on that day.

South African fast bowler Dale Steyn is out of the World Cup due to a shoulder injury. On this, Kohli said that he was sad about being out of Stan. Stan was part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. Kohli said that Stan was enjoying the game a lot.

“There has been a gradual improvement in the first week of the World Cup, some lopsided matches were played, but it has been revealed that the team which maintains the mental balance is benefited, we are in the match against South Africa. To play better, we have to use our experience. The team that can withstand pressure can win the tournament. “ -Virat Kohli

Captain Virat Kohli has expressed his intention one day before the start of Team India’s campaign in the Southampton World Cup on Wednesday. He said that we do not matter whether we have played or not played with the front team our focus will be on best performance.

Terming the team as balanced, the captain said that whatever the pitch condition is, we are fully prepared to deal with every kind of situation. Kohli said that his team learned from the 2019 Champions Trophy team, where the team had to face defeat against Pakistan in the final. In the tournament played in England, Pakistan won the title by defeating India.

When Virat questioned more than 300 scores in the World Cup, he said, “If the pitch is obtained, then we will move towards this target. If not good, then play according to the weather. We have a bowling attack that can protect any score. ‘

On the question of whether there can be 500 runs in an innings in the World Cup, Kohli said that it is not possible at this moment in the World Cup. There is a lot of pressure in this tournament. However, he said that this score is not impossible in the future.

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