World Cup 2019 Battle On Sri Lanka to Face Afghanistan Today

World Cup 2019 SL vs Afg
World Cup 2019 SL vs Afg

In the seventh match of the World Cup 2019, when Afghanistan and Sri Lanka face face-to-face, both of them will have to register their first win in the tournament. This match is to be played at Cardiff’s Sofia Gardens ground at 3 pm.

Sri Lankan bowlers were bowled in front of the Kiwi team and were reduced to only 136, while Afghanistan had seen tough competition in the batting after bad start against Australia and was successful in crossing 200. If these two are compared, then Afghanistan’s team is in a better position at the moment, because in order to win in it, it is passion and rivalry, which is needed. At the same time, Sri Lanka is full of frustration.

The world cup of both teams has started with a defeat. The tournament will gradually become difficult, thus enhancing confidence for both the teams, this victory is extremely important. At the same time, defeat in this match can be very heavy for any one of the two teams.

In his first match, Afghanistan batted well against Australia and scored 207. However, this goal was not enough for the Kangaroo team. Australia easily achieved it in 35 overs. David Warner, who returned after a year’s ban, played an unbeaten 89 not out.

At the same time, Sri Lanka also suffered a 10-wicket defeat in New Zealand in their first match. Sri Lanka batting first, losing 10 wickets can only make 136 runs In response, the Kiwi team achieved the target in 16 overs without loss. This match was completed in only 45 overs.

There is a lot of rain in Afghanistan against Sri Lanka. According to the Meteorological Department, the probability of rainfall here is 49 percent. The temperature of this capital of Wales will be up to 14-17 degrees. There is a threat of rain in the entire match.

Cardiff has received rain all night on Monday, due to which pitch can be helpful for the bowlers at the start of the match. However, as the match progresses, the pitch will also be good for batting too.

World Cup 2019 After being severely beaten against New Zealand in their first match, Sri Lanka has to compete with Afghanistan in their next World Cup match against Rustam today. Both teams will play in the Sofia Garden stadium. This is the second match of both the teams. While Sri Lanka was truncated by Sri Lanka, it was Afghanistan who got Australia in the same position.

Sri Lanka definitely needs a major change in their mentality to win. Afghanistan’s strength is its bowling. The spin trio of Rashid Khan, Mujib ur Rahaman and Mohammad Nabi holds the power to destroy any batting order. Fast bowling is Captain Gulbuddin Naib, Daulat Jadran, Hamid Hassan, who are in a good rhythm. At the same time, Sri Lankan bowling is also weak. The most experienced Lasal Malinga is not seen in the form for which he is known. Third Pereira, Nuwan Pradeep are also unable to stop the effects.

Afghanistan has undoubtedly lost the first match, but the rivalry that he had shown will definitely boost his confidence. In the last match in batting, Najibullah Jadran, Rahmat Shah did well with the bat. Nb also played a struggling inning. There will be openness of concern for him because in the first match, Muhammad Shahzad and Hazratullah Jajai could not even open the account.

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